HYENA - JULY EP A1 JULY ( versión original) A2  JULY ( versión de verano ) B1 JULY ( versión de invierno ) B2 JULY (Remix por AMABLE )
HYENA    is   the   chosen   by   “Set   Strings”   (   Set   Theory   Records´s   sublable   ), to realase under EP format the second reference  "JULY" This   unpredictable   and   surprising   duet   formed   by   Serena   Giglio ,   vocals and   guitars,      and      Julio   Tomé    ( Blister   13.0    -   Lethargy )   electronic   sounds and   production,   sign   this   singular   release,   where   got   urgent   and   brazen mood and the skill of experience. HYENA    combines   HYENA   combines   electronic   music,   rock   guitars,   pop melodies   and   psychedelia   for   a   diverse   and   particular   result.   And   this   is shown   in   this   first   release   that   begins   with   the   original   version    of   "JULY" , single   that   gives   title   to   the   EP,   and   progress      with   two   more      ( "summer version"   and   "winter   version"),    written   and   produced   with   a   view   to   the live sets  in different styles. This   first   HYENA    work   is   completed   with   a   remix   by   the   well   known   Dj AMABLE    (Razzmatazz   Resident   DJ),   that   leads   "JULY"   to   an   indie   dance frame   with   pop   nuances,   ,   ubicates   it      in      the   epicenter   of   the   dancefloor close to "summer version". The   EP   “JULY"    by   HYENA    will   be   available   on   all   digital   platforms   starting on   November   9 th ,   and   will   serve   as   a   preview   of   the   imminent   upcoming   vinyl edition, a Set Theory Records  characteristic format.
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Available  9  Novembre